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4-In-1 VAG Tool Kit
$209.00 $209.00

4-in-1 vag tool kit can fulfill functions of vag dash com+can, vag dash com,vag ecu tool,vag key login. 4-in-1 vag tool kit is a powerful and newest diagnostic tool for vw audi cars! 4-In-1 VAG Tool Kit EDC16 / EDC15 / ME7 via the OBD EEprom read and write (EDC15/ME7 complet.....

Audi-VW Airbag Reseter Free Shipping
$19.00 $19.00

Audi-VW Airbag Reseter works without additional computer and trough car OBD II connector can erase airbag sensor "crash data" or only fault memory. Audi-VW Airbag Reseter Top 2 Reasons to Get Audi-VW Airbag Reseter 1. Language: English 2. No Need To Connect with PCDescriptio.....

VAG CAN Commander 5.5+ Pin Reader 3.9Beta
$23.99 $23.99

VAG CAN Commander 5.5+ Pin Reader 3.9Beta is a diagnostic tool for cars from Volkswagen Audi Group which using WP2000-CAN TP2.0, Full support of Audi A3/A8 - security code reading and odometer correction via OBDII. VAG CAN Commander 5.5+ Pin Reader 3.9Beta Functions: O.....

VAG IMMO3 Free Shipping
$49.99 $49.99

Interface connects to RS232 of PC Read IMMO Login code from supported VAG cars via diagnostic connector Key learning and adaption via diagnostic connector Using this device you can read the security Login Code for VAG Cars who are made starting +/- June 2000 to year 2004 and who are using Im.....